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Ce que le jour doit à la nuit

«In 2009, Hervé Koubi organised an audition in Algeria for the début of a work which has now finished with the ...

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El Din

«Like an Orientalist from the nineteenth century who has come to Algeria to give life to his dreams of the Orient, ...

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Un rendez-vous en Afrique

“We had never met before yet we decided to get together in Yopougon, on the Ivory Coast. We have each given and ...

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Bref séjour chez les vivants

A flower, an explosion of life. Even though I am there contemplating it, fascinated by such beauty, I am unable to seize this moment, ...

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Les Suprêmes

An improbable night club…some gestures, a lot of light, some smoke…then some glances and ...

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Coppélia, une fiancée aux yeux d’émail...

Dress our Leather Coppélia. Look at Coppélia with the eyes of a big child, when this puppet will be ‘mistress’ of the game ...

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Moon dogs

A meeting, and then another…
…and again another.
A trial, for a little dance…

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Les Heures Florissantes

A choreographic work by Hervé KOUBI in partnership with the dancers of ‘Cannes Jeune Ballet of ...

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Les abattoirs, fantaisie...

Five years ago I fell in love with the traditional music from the centre of France, which was previously totally unknown to me, …

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An idea of a fantasy of the ordinary, of the neccesity to dance and of the energy transported by traditional ...

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Le Golem

“You’d like to hear the story of the golem, would’nt you? I must tell you straight off that I liked it a lot. And I was’nt the only one. We all liked it ...

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A piece for 12 dancers

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4’30’’, the beat of a song…

…none of it exists, it only takes place in my mind, it only takes place in our collective minds, a journey infinitely slow, incredibly rapid… an immobile journey

…all is black… someone starts to make his machine buzz and whistle…
…one of them dances, the other is not far, another will sing, and still more provide a beat, the same that has already escaped us…
… and then one by one their ghosts follow

…from time, from the space that we fill with all that we are… the song as a mirror, a projection of all possible colours… therefore it will be white

…speak of the link which which unites us all here, the beat of a song, at the interior of this time which does’nt exist… a partition to attempt to seize what has escaped me whilst my spirit roams for this short moment

“4’30’’, the beat of a song that we like, the beat which stretches into a tableau. Not really a figurative dance, simply let the spirit walk free in this song once heard, charged with a deformed history through the reflection of a rear-view mirror where the dancers form a global representation of being between them, in it’s multiple and extreme expressions, from small to giant, from feminine to masculine forms in plural.”
La Montagne


  • Choreography: Hervé KOUBI
    Assistants choreographic: Guillaume GABRIEL and Erica TRIVETT
    Musical Creation: Laetitia SHERIFF, Gaël DESBOIS, Stéphane FROMENTIN
    Lighting: Lionel BUZONIE
    Sound Engineer: Stéphane LEVEQUE
    Costume Design: Choi Chung JUNG / Guillaume GABRIEL
    Dancers: Alexandra BESNIER / Alexandre DA SILVA / Gaël DESBOIS / Carlos FERREIRA DA SILVA / Stéphane FROMENTIN / Guillaume GABRIEL / David GUASGUA MONTENEGRO / Jean MALBERNARD / Guillaume MILHAC / Gwendal LAMANDE / Laetitia SHERIFF / Kim MIN JEONG / Stefano MAZZOTA / Werner NIGG

Legal notices:

  • Production: Compagnie Hervé KOUBI, Ville de Cannes Direction des Affaires Culturelles – Made in Cannes, Ville de Brive-la-Gaillarde Saison culturelle
    Coproduction: Théâtre Municipal de Montauban / Dionysos Scène conventionnée de Cahors / Ville d’Yzeure, Yzeurespace / Espace l’Ecluse La Souterraine / Pays du Haut-Anjou Segréen, Ville de Segré

    With the support of the Théâtre National de Nice, the Centre culturel Le Kiosque à Mayenne and the Festival Les trois éléphants, the Centre Culturel André Malraux de Sarcelles, the Théâtre de la Grange de Brive-la-Gaillarde, the Ecole Nationale de Musique, the Danse et de Théatre de Brive-la-Gaillarde, the Ecole Supérieure de Danse de Cannes Rosella Hightower, the Sémaphore Scène Conventionnée de Cébazat, the Pré des Arts de Valbonne-Sophia-Antipolis, the Théâtre Gréco de Carros, the Centre Culturel Jean l'Hôte de Neuves Maisons, the Théâtre de verre de Chateaubriant, the Théâtre Municipal d'Agen, the Théâtre Mac-Nab de Vierzon, the SMAC de Tulle Les lendemains qui chantent, the Centre Culturel Robert Desnos de Ris-Orangis , the Théâtre de Saint-Lô, the Centre Culturel de Sallaumines, the Centre Culturel de Loudéac, Centre Culturel de Mandelieu, Centre Culturel de Saint Vallier, and the Festival le vent des forêts de Verdun.


  • 7 April 2006 Théâtre Municipal de Montauban
    5 May 2006 Théâtre Municipal de Brive-la-Gaillarde
    18 and 19 May 2006 Centre Culturel de Segré
    23 May 2006 Centre Culturel de Sarcelles
    31 May 2006 Théâtre National de Nice
    10 November 2006 Pré des Arts de Valbonne
    11 November 2006 Théâtre Gréco de Carros
    17 November 2006 Théâtre Jean L'Hote de Neuves Maisons
    21 November 2006 Espace l'Ecluse de la Souterraine
    24 November 2006 at 20h30 Yzeurespace à Yzeure
    28 November 2006 Sémaphore Scène Conventionnée de Cébazat
    10 December 2006 Festival Made In Cannes
    14 December 2006 Dyonisos Scène conventionnée de Cahors
    9 February 2007: Salle Léonard de Vinci de Mandelieu
    15 February 2007: Théâtre d’Agen
    20 February 2007: Théâtre Mac Nab de Vierzon
    12 and 13 March 2007: centre culturel de Martigné sur Mayenne
    16 March 2007: Centre Culturel de Tergnier
    23 March 2007: Théâtre de Verre de Chateaubriant
    25 March 2007: Maison de l’Art de Sallaumines
    6 April 2007: ECLA de Saint Vallier
    20 April 2007: Palais des congrès de Loudéac
    27 April 2007: Théâtre Municipal de Saint Lô
    11 May 2007: Mai de l’Art de Saint Raphaël
    4 October 2007: Maison de la Culture de Firminy
    5 October 2007: Salle Animatis d’Issoire
    12 October 2007: Centre Culturel d’Arques
    22 January 2008: Théâtre de Cusset
    25 January 2008: Sémaphore de Cébazat
    17 May 2008: La Passerelle de Fleury les Aubrais

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