Document sans titre



These photographic and artistic shows are a nod to all those talented and brilliant photographers and...

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Une histoire de traces

«The artist : who is he ? Where does he come from ? What can he bring to his art and the world? What contribution can he offer to ...

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Le Chic Chef

COMING SOON is the first contemporary label which does not mention it’s creators name – whilst giving a malicious wink to...

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Body concrete

Uzerche is a City in France, in the Limousin, in Corrèze... Uzerche was a stop-over in the franco-algerian project. In a coincidence rich in ...

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Body concrete II

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Ovoid Edges

An improbable leap towards light.

A quest, a struggle, a war.

Before life arrived there was shadow, and from this somber combat, from this dearly obscure note, comes an obscure flesh with which the great alchemist gives us life.

They are phantoms made of muscles which flagellate without a beating heart but with the interlocking atoms of Chemistry at her most irrepressible.

Such as golems who will never see their ascension until victorious fusion, synonymous with both the end and the beginning.

A question of war? And yet of love also.



  • Direction: Pierre Magnol
    Choreography: Hervé Koubi
    Interpretation: Hamza BENAMAR / Lazhar BERROUAG / Nasreddine DJERRAD / Ismail SEDDIKI / Mohamed Reda TIGHREMT / Mustapha ZAHEM

Obligatory Mentions:

  • Production: ‘Compagnie Hervé KOUBI’ and ‘les 400’.
    A short film supported by ‘la Région Limousin’and made in the studios of ‘400’ in Saint Viance (Corrèze).
    With the friendly participation of ‘l’Ecole d’Esthétique Terrade de Brive’ for the make-up.

Cie Hervé KOUBI ©2013 - Billy Artwork