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Ce que le jour doit à la nuit

«In 2009, Hervé Koubi organised an audition in Algeria for the début of a work which has now finished with the ...

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El Din

«Like an Orientalist from the nineteenth century who has come to Algeria to give life to his dreams of the Orient, ...

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Un rendez-vous en Afrique

“We had never met before yet we decided to get together in Yopougon, on the Ivory Coast. We have each given and ...

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Bref séjour chez les vivants

A flower, an explosion of life. Even though I am there contemplating it, fascinated by such beauty, I am unable to seize this moment, ...

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Les Suprêmes

An improbable night club…some gestures, a lot of light, some smoke…then some glances and ...

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Coppélia, une fiancée aux yeux d’émail...

Dress our Leather Coppélia. Look at Coppélia with the eyes of a big child, when this puppet will be ‘mistress’ of the game ...

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Moon dogs

A meeting, and then another…
…and again another.
A trial, for a little dance…

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Les Heures Florissantes

A choreographic work by Hervé KOUBI in partnership with the dancers of ‘Cannes Jeune Ballet of ...

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4’30’’, the beat of a song…
…none of it exists, it only takes place in my mind, ...

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Les abattoirs, fantaisie...

Five years ago I fell in love with the traditional music from the centre of France, which was previously totally unknown to me, …

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Le Golem

“You’d like to hear the story of the golem, would’nt you? I must tell you straight off that I liked it a lot. And I was’nt the only one. We all liked it ...

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A piece for 9 dancers

An idea of a fantasy of the ordinary, of the neccesity to dance and of the energy transported by traditional music: traditional artistic practises are the witnesses of something sensed in relation with this music

I have rediscovered dance as an outlet with these people, a simplicity behind the words and the primary need to dance that is found in all actions which form part of a social necessity that is still in vigour today.

Through this traditional music I have rediscovered, in a new way, the necessity to dance where, even if the artistic and choreographic tools have evolved, the form, the aesthetic and the base have only slightly changed. It is the direct confrontation with this universe and my perspective that questions the position of dance in our society that I wished tosubmit this title to the public eye.



  • Choreography: Hervé KOUBI in collaboration with the dancers
    Assistant: Guillaume GABRIEL
    Musical creation: Laurence BOURDIN / Olivier DURIF / Laurent ROUSSEAU
    Dancers: Laurence BOURDIN / Aline COURIVAUD-JAULIN / Olivier DURIF / Guillaume GABRIEL / / Mamajung KIM / Frédérique PAUVERT / Thomas REGNIER / Rolando ROCHA / Laurent ROUSSEAU / Nicolas HUBERT / Martin DEWEZ
    Lighting: Paul FREMONT
    Decor: Jean-Michel PONTY and l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Bourges
    Video conception: Camille AUBURTIN

Legal notices:

  • Production: Compagnie Hervé KOUBI
    Coproduction: Théâtre de Grasse Scène Conventionnée plateau pour la Danse et le nouveau cirque / Centres Culturels Municipaux de Limoges plateau pour la danse – Ville de Limoges / Espace Fayolle de Guéret / Théâtre Municipal de Brive-la-Gaillarde – Ville de Brive-la-Gaillarde / Forum Jacques Prévert de Carros
    Partnership and residence: Ecole des Beaux-Arts de la ville de Bourges for set design / Espace l’écluse de La Souterraine pour l’accueil plateau


  • 18 October 2002: Théâtre de Tulle Scène conventionnée
    22 October 2002: Centre culturel Jean-Pierre Fabrègue de Saint-Yrieix-la-perche
    22 November 2002: Centre culturel Jean Moulin de Limoges
    26 November 2002: Salle polyvalente de Guéret
    5 December 2002: Théâtre de Grasse Scène conventionnée
    6 December 2002: Théâtre de Grasse Scène conventionnée
    7 December 2002: Théâtre de Grasse Scène conventionnée
    18 January 2003: Théâtre du Minotaure de Vallauris
    7 February 2003: Théâtre Palais Croisette Noga Hilton de Cannes
    11 February 2003: Théâtre de Brive la Gaillarde
    14 February 2003: Forum Rexy de Riom
    3 March 2003: Centre culturel Robert Margerit d’Isle
    7 February 2005: Théâtre Gréco de Carros
    8 February 2005: Théâtre Gréco de Carros

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