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Petite suite

Through this small suite I would like to share with young amateur dancers from Corréze (aged from 15 to 26 years old) an encounter between contemporary dance and ...

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L’album auvergnat

When the ’Association Départementale de Développement de la Musique et de la Danse en Puy-de-Dôme’ proposed to me to work on the ‘Album Auvergnat’ by...

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Les Pépinières

In the beginning nothing is defined. The magic of each person will speak and contribute to ...

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Transmission : n.f. (latin : transmissio, transmittere, transporter)
The action of transmitting, to pass something from …

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In the scope of his activities as a choreographer of a professional dance company in Brive, Hervé Koubi would like to share his encounters, his artistic choices and his teachings with the young dancers-in-training of the town in which they live.

As well as courses and open warm-up sessions, punctual training, public rehearsals or dance conferences, the company would like to offer to those students showing potential the classical option of the conservatory, the possibility to be involved in the creative work of the company and notably to share, around the same project, the realities of the creative process with the professional dancers in the company.

Since 2010 Hervé Koubi has worked with a male-only troupe of Algerian dancers. The idea behind this shared work is to merge two teams around two complimentary universes: the universe of hip-hop dancers, along with that of young classically and technically trained contemporary dancers.

The summer

One winter…
Often victorious, but so hard and sometimes unjust…
A winter when the family and the homeland are so very much missed…
Yes, right in mid-winter, in imitation of the flowers and the butterflies from milder days, they are all present- like lights in the obscurity.
Thus a summer, in the middle of the winter…
They will cause us to remember that the marriage between the two shores of the Mediterranean is filled with beauty in the image of the lace-lined ceilings and the hanging gardens of Alhambra Palace in Grenada.
Hanging, yes, like their arms, their feet, with their fine and graceful gestures at the end of their powerful limbs.
But dance is a story before all else and expresses a logic that words cannot totally define, posing this question so exquisite and unexpected: who truthfully supports who?
Faith, fraternalism and passion are never very far away. But it is most likely, and especially, a question of humanity.

Hervé Koubi -22th Decembre 2011- Extracts from notebook


  • Choreographer: Hervé KOUBI
    Interpretation: Hamza BENAMAR / Lazhar BERROUAG / Mathilde BOURGADE / Nasreddine DJERRAD / Manon FOUSSAT / Fayçal HAMLAT / Nassim HENDI / Charlotte JAUBERT / Manon JAUZAC/ Amine MAAMAR KOUADRI / Justine MAGNAVAL / Solène MARTEL / Zoë MARTY / Riad MENDJEL / Ismail SEDDIKI / Issa SANOU / Reda TIGHREMT / Charlotte THIBAUDEAU / Marie-Ange TOTARO / Margaux VEINE / Chloé VERLHAC / Maïlys VISEUX / Mustapha ZAHEM / Adel ZOUBA
    Musical creation: Marc-Antoine MILLION
    Music: Antonio VIVALDI – interprétation Jan PICARDA under the direction of de Marc URSULE
    Costume Creation: Guillaume GABRIEL

Legal notices:

  • Commisioned by the ‘ Conservatoire de Musique et de Danse de Brive-la-Gaillarde – Ville de Brive la Gaillarde’


  • 21st January 2012: Espace des Trois Provinces – Brive la Gaillarde
    5th February 2012: Espace des Trois Provinces – Brive la Gaillarde

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