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Ovoid Edges

An improbable leap towards light..
A quest, a struggle, a war.
Before life arrived there was...

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Une histoire de traces

«The artist : who is he ? Where does he come from ? What can he bring to his art and the world? What contribution can he offer to ...

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Le Chic Chef

COMING SOON is the first contemporary label which does not mention it’s creators name – whilst giving a malicious wink to...

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Body concrete

Uzerche is a City in France, in the Limousin, in Corrèze... Uzerche was a stop-over in the franco-algerian project. In a coincidence rich in ...

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Body concrete II

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"These photographic and artistic shows are a nod to all those talented and brilliant photographers and artists who are always present at our sides through conviction and passion. A view that is both patient and close, an incessant to-and-fro during moments both intense and particular which are a part of the performance, but also other moments which are more intimate where our work is still in construction, where the architecture and the idea work together and confront matter and time."


The expositions:

  • 10: 10 years of creation in photos
    Renaissance: Photographic show by Pierre Magnol. Photographs taken during the filming of ‘Bodyconcrete’ and ‘Bodyconcrete 2’
    Le Chutier : Exposition photographique de Pierre Magnol. Photographies prises lors des tournages de Bodyconcrete I et Body concrete II
    Art Exposition: Sketches by Xavier Hennicaux at the Conservatoire in Calais

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