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Ce que le jour doit à la nuit

«In 2009, Hervé Koubi organised an audition in Algeria for the début of a work which has now finished with the ...

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Un rendez-vous en Afrique

“We had never met before yet we decided to get together in Yopougon, on the Ivory Coast. We have each given and ...

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Bref séjour chez les vivants

A flower, an explosion of life. Even though I am there contemplating it, fascinated by such beauty, I am unable to seize this moment, ...

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Les Suprêmes

An improbable night club…some gestures, a lot of light, some smoke…then some glances and ...

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Coppélia, une fiancée aux yeux d’émail...

Dress our Leather Coppélia. Look at Coppélia with the eyes of a big child, when this puppet will be ‘mistress’ of the game ...

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Moon dogs

A meeting, and then another…
…and again another.
A trial, for a little dance…

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Les Heures Florissantes

A choreographic work by Hervé KOUBI in partnership with the dancers of ‘Cannes Jeune Ballet of ...

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4’30’’, the beat of a song…
…none of it exists, it only takes place in my mind, ...

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Les abattoirs, fantaisie...

Five years ago I fell in love with the traditional music from the centre of France, which was previously totally unknown to me, …

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An idea of a fantasy of the ordinary, of the neccesity to dance and of the energy transported by traditional ...

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Le Golem

“You’d like to hear the story of the golem, would’nt you? I must tell you straight off that I liked it a lot. And I was’nt the only one. We all liked it ...

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El Din

A piece for 12 dancers

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«Like an Orientalist from the nineteenth century who has come to Algeria to give life to his dreams of the Orient, I would like to give life to my childhood dreams born in France and who only later discovered his true origins and those of his two parents, algerian in their roots ».

El Din is an intermediary project which paves the way for a meeting and a collaborative project and formation between Hervé Koubi and his 12 new companions of algerian arts.
El Din is inscribed into a franco-algerian project of formation, creation and diffusion and for which the completion is planned for 2012 with the creation of Ce que le jour doit à la nuit, which will be supported with the help of ‘la Cité Internationale de la dentelle et de la Mode de Calais’, the ‘Ballet National du Rhin – Centre Chorégraphique National’, the ‘Région Limousin’, the ‘Département de la Corrèze’, the ‘Ville de Brive-la-Gaillarde’ and the ‘Ville de Cannes’, the French embassy in Algeria ( ‘Service de Coopération et d'Action Culturelle’), the ‘Centre Culturel Français d'Alger’, the ‘Centre Culturel Français d'Oran’, and the ‘Centre Culturel Français d'Annaba’.
Hervé Koubi will accompany the twelve dnacers in the process of formation and creation throughout the time spent in residence, the ‘laboratory’ being spread throughout the years 2010, 2011 and 2012.


  • Choreography: Hervé KOUBI Assisted by Guillaume GABRIEL and Carl PORTAL
    Choreographic Artists: BENAMAR Hamza / REMICHI Omar / DJARRAD Nasserdine / HAMLAT Fayçal / HENDI Nassim / MAAMAR KOUADRI Amine / MENDJEL Riad / SANOU Issa / SEDDIKI Ismail / TIGHREMT Reda / ZAHEM Mustapha / ZOUBA Adel
    Music: Kronos Quartett based on the work of Hamza El Din
    Lighting: Lionel BUZONIE
    Costume Design: Guillaume GABRIEL

Legal notices:

  • With the support of the ‘Service de Cooperation et d’Action Culturelle de l’Ambassade de France en Algerie’ for the years from 2010 to 2013, from ‘l’Egide, from the ‘Centre Culturel Francais d’Annaba’ and the ‘Centre Culturel Francais d’Otan’, from the ‘Théâtre Moughiar’ and the ‘Ballet de l’Office National de la Culture’ and the ‘l’Information ONCI- Ministere de la Culture Algerian’, from ‘la Ville de Saint-Viance, from ‘la Ville d’Ussac’ and from ‘l’Institut Médico-Educatif de Malmort sur Corrèze’, and from the ‘Conservatoire de Musique et de dance de Brive la Gaillarde’.


  • 13th May 2010 : Festival danse en May de Brive la Gaillarde
    25th May 2010 : La Halle de Saint Viance
    4th Decembre 2010 : Centre culturel Français d'Oran
    10th Decembre 2010 : Centre culturel Français de Constantine
    19th Decembre 2010 : Festival International de Danse Contemporaine d'Alger
    23rd Decembre 2010 : Cérémonie de clôture du Festival international de Danse Contemporaine d'Alger - 1er Prix du Festival international de danse contemporaine d'Alger
    18th April 2011 : Festival de Danse contemporaine de Ramallah – Prix d'honneur au Festival Sarreyet de Ramallah
    8th and 9th June 2011 : Festival Onze Bouge Paris
    9th July 2011 : Festival de Danse de Mougins
    2nd August 2011 : Danse au château – Roquebrune Cap Martin
    8th August 2011 : Festival de danse de Contes
    4th October 2011 : Animatis à Issoire
    7th October 2011 : La fille de l’air au Mont Dore
    18th October 2011 : Yzeurespace à Yzeure
    29th October 2011 : Théâtre de l’Olivier à Istres – scène conventionnée plateau pour la danse
    3rd November 2011 : Théâtre Beaumarchais d’Amboise
    19th November 2011 : Le grand pré Langueux
    13th and 17th Decembre 2011 : Bron dans le cadre du festival Karavel
    9th and 10th January 2012 : Espace Carpeau à Courbevoie (3 représentations)
    13th January 2012 : Le Liburnia à Libourne
    15th January 2012 : Centre Culturel d’Epinay sous Sénart
    19th January 2012 : Théâtre d’Agen (2 représentations)
    24th January 2012 : Centre culturel de Thiviers en association avec l’agence culturelle de la Dordogne
    27th January 2012 : Vélines en association avec l’agence culturelle de la Dordogne et le Centre culturel de Bergerac
    4th February 2012 : Digoin
    17th February 2012 : Auditorium Didier Lockwood de Calais
    16th March 2012 : Château de Joinville en association avec Arts vivants 52
    22nd March 2012 : Centre culturel Yves Furet de La Souterraine
    20th April 2012 : Théâtre du cloître de Bellac – scène conventionnée
    27th April 2012 : Centre Culturel Louise Labé de Saint Symphorien d’Ozon
    12th May 2012 : Centre culturel de Saint Arnoult
    25th May 2012 : Centre Culturel Rabelais de Chinon
    1st June 2012 : Théâtre de Thallie de Montaigu
    2th June 2012 : Les boîtes à culture de BoucheMayne
    3rd June 2012 : Théâtre de Bressuire
    13th October 2013 : Centre Culturel de Saint Gratien
    7th May 2013 : Auditorium Didier Lockwood de Calais
    30th November 2012 : Théâtre du Donjon de Pithiviers

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