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These photographic and artistic shows are a nod to all those talented and brilliant photographers and...

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Ovoid Edges

An improbable leap towards light..
A quest, a struggle, a war.
Before life arrived there was...

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Une histoire de traces

«The artist : who is he ? Where does he come from ? What can he bring to his art and the world? What contribution can he offer to ...

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Body concrete

Uzerche is a City in France, in the Limousin, in Corrèze... Uzerche was a stop-over in the franco-algerian project. In a coincidence rich in ...

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Body concrete II

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Le Chic Chef

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Creation Max Vadukul for Yohji Yamamoto

COMING SOON is the first contemporary label which does not mention it’s creators name – whilst giving a malicious wink to it’s creator Yohji Yamamoto. COMING SOON is presented each season in the form of a series of short films.COMING SOON travels through different towns to express it’s philosophy by movement, putting on stage a new generation of choreographic dancers. This fourth edition, choreographed by Hervé Koubi was filmed in Paris. This season the «Chef Chic» opens the doors of his restaurant imprinted by poetic fantasy, in a coloured atmosphere and reduced to the essential.

Max Vadukul Photographer, director
The photos of Max Vadukul, english photographer, are reknowned for their creativity and their orginality. His work regularly appears in major magazines such as Vogue Italy, L’Uomo Vogue, Men’s Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone or Interview. Discovered by Yohji Yamamoto in 1984, Max has rapidly earned merit as a talented creator of images. In New York Max worked for The New Yorker. In over one hundred years of history, this was only the second contract with a photographer that the paper had signed, after Richard Avedon. Max also regularly collaborates with the magazine Rolling Stone and works constantly on his own photographic and film projects.

«We have made four films, ‘London’, ‘Milan Traffic’ in Italy, ‘The man with the suitcase’ in Anvers and this is the fourth, ‘Le Chef Chic’, which introduces the talented Hervé Koubi. I hoped to make a positive film this time, uplifting. ‘Le Chef Chic’ is passionate and his two acolytes adore their work and amuse themselves with entertaining their clients. After all, make hay while it shines ! Without that, there is nothing remaining. It is my homage to the sun and I hope that you will appreciate it ».
Max Vadukul

I felt that I participated in a game from which the repercussions served incessantly to help our artistic complicity. I received clues, a cadre defined by the decor and the lighting, and then we started to work in collaboration. Max Vadukul, Rain Li, director of photography and the reknowned stylist Nicoletta Santoro perfectly realised the heart-felt motivation of my desire the artistic object on film and have delivered a result made of lightness, incredibly bright and especially shaped from humanity.

Hervé Koubi - Extracts from his working notes - Paris - 10th June 2011


  • Director : Max Vadukul
    Director of Photography : Rain Li
    Steadycam : Etienne Saldes
    Choreography : Hervé Koubi
    Artistic choreographers : Alexandra Besnier, Carlos Ferreira Da Silva, David Guasgua, Min-Jeong Kim, Guillaume Milhac, Carl Portal
    Clothing : Coming Soon
    Stylist : Nicoletta Santoro
    Make-up : Inge Grognard
    Hair : Gilles Degivry
    Produced by : Fantastic pictures
    Production : Sinv Spa & The Press Sarl

Cie Hervé KOUBI ©2013 - Billy Artwork