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El Din

«Like an Orientalist from the nineteenth century who has come to Algeria to give life to his dreams of the Orient, ...

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Un rendez-vous en Afrique

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Bref séjour chez les vivants

A flower, an explosion of life. Even though I am there contemplating it, fascinated by such beauty, I am unable to seize this moment, ...

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Les Suprêmes

An improbable night club…some gestures, a lot of light, some smoke…then some glances and ...

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Coppélia, une fiancée aux yeux d’émail...

Dress our Leather Coppélia. Look at Coppélia with the eyes of a big child, when this puppet will be ‘mistress’ of the game ...

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Moon dogs

A meeting, and then another…
…and again another.
A trial, for a little dance…

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Les Heures Florissantes

A choreographic work by Hervé KOUBI in partnership with the dancers of ‘Cannes Jeune Ballet of ...

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4’30’’, the beat of a song…
…none of it exists, it only takes place in my mind, ...

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Les abattoirs, fantaisie...

Five years ago I fell in love with the traditional music from the centre of France, which was previously totally unknown to me, …

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An idea of a fantasy of the ordinary, of the neccesity to dance and of the energy transported by traditional ...

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Le Golem

“You’d like to hear the story of the golem, would’nt you? I must tell you straight off that I liked it a lot. And I was’nt the only one. We all liked it ...

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Ce que le jour doit à la nuit

A piece for 12 dancers
For a duration of 1 hour

« In 2009, Hervé Koubi organised an audition in Algeria for the début of a work which has now finished with the creation of Ce que le jour doit à la nuit.

As the young boy, an ordinary hero from the eponymous novel by Yasmina Khadra, sent from one family to another, Hervé Koubi embarks as an explorer of his own history which crosses that of the boy’s with a big H. « It is like an orientalist of the XIXth century come to Algeria to give life to his dreams of the Orient; I would like to give life to my dreams as a child born in France, and who discovered belatedly his true origins and those of his parents, Algerians from birth ».

Twelve Algerian and Burkina Faso dancers, mostly coming from street dance, from hip-hop, have furnished the necessary effort for this long-term project, encountered and then worked to measur
ciselée, e with each of the interpreters, already attempted with El Din. Fed by Orientalist paintings, the stone filigree of islamic architecture, Hervé Koubi traces his own path, made of entanglements, a complex weave. « Lace, he precises- he who has always been fascinated by its design- is before all else a way of creating ‘le jour’ (the day), the day in a textile, the day rendered in matter…the day in my history... ». Ce que le jour doit à la nuit is as its title implies, a mixing up of time and a story of links. »

Text written by Marie-Christine Vernay for the presentation of the piece Ce que le jour doit à la nuit at the ‘Pavillon Noir d'Aix en Provence’.


    "The simplicity chiseled, seems to caress the same principal theme, life.(…)
    If from the point of view of the choreographer’s biography, the transposition of his questioning of his own origins is evident, his well-honed work and the talent of his company; of his «brothers», have combined to make an œuvre which unites people."
    Samuel Guillon - 22nd november 2012
    La Montagne


  • Choreography: Hervé Koubi
    Choreographic Artists: Hamza Benamar, Lazhar Berrouag, Nasserdine Djarrad, Fayçal Hamlat, Nassim Hendi, Amine Maamar Kouadri, Riad Mendjel, Issa Sanou, Ismail Seddiki, Reda Tighremt, Mustapha Zahem, Adel Zouba

    These dancers met during an audition organised in October 2009 in Alger. Since then my enthusiasm has never ceased to grow, owing to their pleasure in dancing which remains porous to the limits imposed by the work, one where I have avoided ‘the spectacular’ just for its own sake, in order that the trajectories and the musicality of each dancer, of each body, serves the meaning rather than the performance.

    Intervening Artists for the training: Alexandra Besnier, Guillaume Gabriel, David Guasgua, Min-Jeong Kim, Philippe Mesia, Carl Portal
    Musical Creation: Maxime Bodson
    Music: Hamza El Din by Kronos Quartet, Jean-Sébastien Bach, Soufi music
    Lighting : Lionel Buzonie
    Costume Creation: Guillaume Gabriel

Legal notices:

  • Coproductions : Ballet de l'Opéra National du Rhin - Centre Chorégraphique National / Centre Chorégraphique National de Créteil et du Val de Marne – Cie Kafig / Palais des congrès de Loudéac / Centre Culturel de Vitré / Ballet Preljocaj – Centre Chorégraphique National d'Aix en Provence / Ballet Biarritz – Thierry Malandain – Centre Chorégraphique National.

    With the support of the ‘conservatoire de Musique et de Danse de Brive-la-Gaillarde’, of ‘la Ville d'Uzerche, of ‘la Ville d'Ussac’, from ‘l'Ecole Supérieure de Danse de Cannes’, from ‘Théâtre de Cusset’, from ‘Channel – Scène Nationale de Calais’, from the ‘Centre Culture Jean-Pierre Fabrègue de Saint-Yrieix-La-Perche’, from the ‘Théâtre du Cloître de Bellac’, from the ‘Domaine Départemental de l'étang des Aulnes – Conseil Général des Bouches du Rhône Centre départemental de créations en résidence’. The creation ‘Ce que le jour doit à la nuit’ is labelled ‘Marseille Provence 2013’.


  • Official Première the 31st January 2013 at the ‘Pavillon Noir d’Aix en Provence’

    21st june 2012 : Teatro Chuchig de Manta - Festival Manta por la Danza - ECUADOR
    23rd june 2012 : Cuenca - Teatro Carlos Cueva Tamariz – Festival Danza del Austro - ECUADOR
    27th june 2012 : Quito - Teatro nacional Sucre en association with the Institut Français of Quito - ECUADOR
    30th june 2012 : Guayaquil : Teatro Sanchez Aguilar – Festival Fragmentos de Junio- ECUADOR
    21st september 2012 : Festival Cadences - Arcachon
    6th october 2012 : Espace Culturel l'Hermine - Sarzeau
    9th october 2012 : Pianocktail - Bouguenais
    20th october 2012 : Théâtre la Licorne - Cannes
    23rd october 2012 : Theater of Cusset – Scène conventionnée
    25th october 2012 : Sémaphore - Cébazat – Scène conventionnée
    27th october 2012 : Le Quai des rêves - Lamballe
    9th november 2012 : Festival du Monde Arabe - Montréal – CANADA
    17th november 2012 : Espace culturel - Vitré
    20th november 2012 : Centre Culturel Yves Furet - La Souterraine
    22nd november 2012 : Le Tremplin - Beaumont
    23rd november 2012 : Centre culturel - Thiers
    27th november 2012 : Le Channel – Scène Nationale de Calais
    1st december 2012 : Le Channel – Scène Nationale de Calais
    5th january 2013 : Theater of Brive
    6th january 2013 : Theater of Brive
    11th january 2013 : Theater of Cahors
    19th january 2013 : Palais des congrès - Loudéac
    25th january 2013 : Centre culturel - Segré
    31st january 2013 : Pavillon Noir - Ballet Preljocaj - Aix en Provence
    1st february 2013 : Pavillon Noir - Ballet Preljocaj - Aix en Provence
    14th february 2013 : Le Bateau feu – Scène Nationale de Dunkerque
    15th february 2013 : Le Bateau feu – Scène Nationale de Dunkerque
    23th february 2013 : Les Hivernales d'Avignon – Opéra of Avignon
    2nd march 2013 : La mégisserie - Saint-Junien
    7th march 2013 : Forum Jacques Prévert - Carros (2 performances)
    8th march 2013 : Forum Jacques Prévert - Carros
    12th march 2013 : Maison de l'Art et de la Communication - Sallaumines
    15th march 2013 : Dance festival - Boulogne sur Mer
    21st march 2013 : La Coupole - Saint Louis (2 performances)
    22nd march 2013 : La Coupole - Saint Louis (2 performances)
    26th march 2013 : La Renaissance - Mondeville
    4th april 2013 : Espace Culturel Albert Camus - Bron
    6th april 2013 : Palais des congrès - Saint Raphaël
    9th april 2013 : La médoquine - Talence
    16th april 2013 : Centre Culturel André Malraux - Sarcelles
    27th april 2013 : Theater of Bressuire
    4th may 2013 : Le Carré - Sainte Maxime
    7th may 2013 : Auditorium Didier Lockwood - Calais
    14th may 2013 : Amilly - Communauté de communes Montargis et rives de Loing
    16th may 2013 : Le Kiosque - Mayenne
    17th may 2013 : Théâtre National de Nice
    18th may 2013 : Théâtre National de Nice
    19th may 2013 : Museum Jean Cocteau - Menton (2 Performances)
    31st may 2013 : Centre Culturel Fabrègue of Saint Yrieix La Perche
    4th july 2013 : Bolchoï Theater – Moscow – RUSSIA
    6th july2013 : La Papeterie cultural center of Uzerche
    7th july 2013 : Castle of La roche Jagu
    10th september 2013 : Festival Le temps d'aimer / Biarritz
    13th september 2013 : Outdoor Theater of Malemort sur Corrèze
    14th september 2013 : L'Escale at Tournefeuille
    15th september 2013 : L'Escale at Tournefeuille
    22nd september 2013 :Saint Ouen
    25th september 2013: Festival Action danse 6 – Oujda - MOROCCO
    28th september 2013 : Théâtre du Cloître of Bellac
    10th october 2013 : Theater of Saint Lo
    13th octobre 2013 : Festival Scena Otwarta – Tarnov - POLAND
    17th october 2013 :Théâtre des sources ofe Fontenay aux roses
    18th october 2013 : Cultural Center of Marcoussis
    19th october 2013 : Ferme de Bel Ebat of Guyancourt
    8th november 2013 : Communauté de communes de la Porte du Hainault - Escaupont
    21st november 2013: Maison des Arts of Créteil – Festival Kalypso
    29th november 2013 : Villa Méditerranée Marseille
    3rd december 2013 : Athanor of Montluçon
    10th décember 2013 : Scène Nationale of Petit Quevilly
    9th january 2014 : Théâtre Quartier Libre of Ancenis
    24th january 2014 : La Caravelle of Marcheprime
    25th january 2014 :Espace Treulon of Bruges
    7th february 2014 : Centre Culturel Juliobonna of Lillebonne
    14th february 2014 : Théâtre de verre of Chateaubriant
    17th february 2014 : Palais des congrès of Loudéac
    18th february 2014 : Theater of Dinan
    21st february 2014 : Communauté de Commune du Pays de Loiron
    28th february 2014 : Le Chai du Terral of Saint Jean de Vedas
      13th march 2014 : Théâtres en Dracenie - Draguignan
    14th march 2014 : Théâtres en Dracenie - Draguignan
    20th march 2014 : Cultural center of Taverny
    21st march 2014 : Cultural center of Taverny
    22nd march 2014 : Comédie de l'Aa of Saint Omer
    27th march 2014 : Theater of Grasse
    28th march 2014 : Theater of Grasse
    2nd april 2014 : Cultural center of Garges les Gonesse
    4th april 2014 : L'orange bleue of Eaubonne
    5th april 2014 : Cultural center of Goussainville
    9th april 2014 : Centre National de la Danse of Pantin
    10th april 2014 : Centre National de la Danse of Pantin
    11th april 2014 : Centre National de la Danse of Pantin
    12th april 2014 : Maison du Théâtre et de la Danse at Epinay sur Seine
    15th april 2014 : Théâtre de l'Hôtel de Ville of Saint Barthélémy d'Anjou
    13th may 2014: Cultural center of Bergerac
    15th may 2014 : Maison de la Culture of Gauchy
    16th may 2014 : Le Palace of Montataire
    20th may 2014 : Espace Jean Legendre of Compiègne - Scène Nationale en préfiguration
    15th june 2014 : Domaine Départemental de Chamarande
    10th october 2014 : Cultural center of Volvic
    16th and 17th october 2014 : Theatre of Calais
    11th of november 2014 : Theater im Plafzbau - Ludwigshafen - GERMANY
    13th and 14th november 2014 : Cultural center of Signoret of Conflans Sainte Honorine
    4th december 2014 : Festival Oc'Othic Merida – Yucatan MEXICO
    12th december 2014 : Cultural center of Gennevilliers
    16th january 2015 : Center cultural Le Marsan – Mont de Marsan
    17th january 2015:Center cultural of Soustons
    22nd january 2015 : L'embarcadère of Montceau les mines
    24th, 25th, 26th january 2015 : Suresnes Cité Danse
    27th january 2015 : Center cultural of Falaise
    30th january 2015 : L'Octogone of Pully – SUISSE
    6th february 2015 : Center cultural Rabelais of Chinon
    10th february 2015 : Theatre of Charleville Mézières
    11th february 2015 : Théâtre des Bergeries of Noisy le Sec
    13th february 2015 : Theatre of Fontenay sous bois
    26th february 2015 : Quai des arts of Rumilly
    3rd march 2015 : L'Odyssée of Périgueux
    5th march 2015 : Center Cultural of Moissac
    13th march 2015 : Center cultural of Sarlat
    17th et 18th march 2015 : Théâtre Georges Leygues of Villeneuve sur Lot
    20th march 2015 : Théâtre du briançonnais of Briançon
    24th march 2015 : Théâtre de la Vallée de l'Yerres of Brunoy
    27th march 2015 : La Maline - La couarde sur mer
    14th april 2015 : Center Cultural of Tonneins
    24th april 2015 : Theater l'Hélice of Contes
    30th april 2015 : Center cultural of Doué la Fontaine
    3rd may 2015 : La cinquième saison - Saint Marcellin
    16th may 2015 : La croisée des Arts of Saint Maximin
    30th may 2015 : La Genette verte of Florac
    5th et 6th june 2015 : Theatre of Fos sur Mer
    July 2015 : Tour in Siberia – RUSSIA

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