Document sans titre



These photographic and artistic shows are a nod to all those talented and brilliant photographers and...

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Ovoid Edges

An improbable leap towards light..
A quest, a struggle, a war.
Before life arrived there was...

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Une histoire de traces

«The artist : who is he ? Where does he come from ? What can he bring to his art and the world? What contribution can he offer to ...

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Le Chic Chef

COMING SOON is the first contemporary label which does not mention it’s creators name – whilst giving a malicious wink to...

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Body concrete

Uzerche is a City in France, in the Limousin, in Corrèze... Uzerche was a stop-over in the franco-algerian project. In a coincidence rich in ...

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Body concrete II

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Directed by Pierre Magnol
Studio G Kaster with the participation of Michel Guimbard


  • Choreography: Hervé Koubi
    Directors: Pierre Magnol and Michel Guimbard
    Interpretation: Hamza BENAMAR, Lazhar BERROUAG, Nasreddine DJERRAD, Fayçal HAMLAT, Nassim HENDI, Amine MAAMAR KOUADRI, Riad MENDJEL, Ismail SEDDIKI, Issa SANOU, Reda TIGHREMT, Mustapha ZAHEM, Adel ZOUBA


  • Compagnie Hervé KOUBI and Les 400.
    With the support of ‘la Municipalité de Brive la Gaillarde’for the availability of the underground car park ‘la Guierle’.
    Thanks to Pierre Guimbard and à Pierre Magnol.

Cie Hervé KOUBI ©2013 - Billy Artwork