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These photographic and artistic shows are a nod to all those talented and brilliant photographers and...

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A quest, a struggle, a war.
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Le Chic Chef

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Body concrete II

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Body concrete

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Directed by Pierre Magnol
Filmed in and around the ‘l’Ancienne Papeterie’ (paper mill) in Uzerche

Uzerche is a City in France, in the Limousin, in Corrèze... Uzerche was a stop-over in the franco-algerian project. In a coincidence rich in sense, Uzercheis also historically on the route that linked Brittany to the Mediterranean.

After the ‘Chic Chef’ directed in 2009 by Max Vadukul, and for the label Coming Soon by Yohji Yamamoto, Hervé Koubi and his Algerian and Burkenese dancers from the company joined with the film maker Pierre Magnol in June 2010 to make a dance video within the walls of the old paper mill in Uzerche, a sight which will serve in the future for cultural.

Pierre Magnol is a graphic designer and animation director at the heart of the studeio Gkaster which he founded with Pierre Fabre. The science fiction films seen during his childhood, and then the animated creations of Gmunk and the explosion of graphical creation on the internet inspired him towards pursuing his vocation.

Pierre Magnol has followed a ‘multidisciplinary’ course. At first a documentary and news editor for Canal plus, and then editor – special effects artist and chief of multimedia at Ultime at Limoges, where he discovered graphic animation. Based in the Limousin, he continues his work in animation via his Gkaster studio working equally on the purely artistic in the form of short-films or staging of contemporary works, as in the corporate domain through making adverts either with graphics (Nike…) or special effects (Silent Hill…).


  • Artistic Proposition : Pierre Magnol
    Choreography : Hervé Koubi
    Video : Pierre Magnol
    Choreographic Artistes : Hamza Benamar, Boualem Brouk, Nasserdine Djarrad, Fayçal Hamlat, Nassim Hendi, Amine Maamar Kouadri, Riad Mendjel, Issa Sanou, Ismail Seddiki, Reda Tighremt, Mustapha Zahem, Adel Zouba

Legal notices:

  • With the support of the ‘Service de Coopération et d’Action Culturelle’ of the French embassy in Algers in help with transporting the algerian dancers. Thanks to Sophie Dessus – Mayoress of Uzerche and Vice-President of the ‘Conseil Général de la Corrèze’, Marie-Françoise Flageolet - Adjoint to the ‘Culture de la Ville d'Uzerche’ and Nicolas Lenfant ‘responsable culturel’ for the town of Uzerche.

Cie Hervé KOUBI ©2013 - Billy Artwork