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L'invitation à danser

If it were possible to speak of only one of our appearances it would be that of the 20th June 2002 where, owing to technical reasons, we were ...

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Teaching Work

A creative project as well as a life project for the children of ‘l’Ecole Thérèse Simonet de la ZEP’ in Brive-la-Gaillarde, ...

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Dance Conference

In the interests of an exchange with the public the company proposes dancing conferences permitting a discusion about the artistic approach of Hervé KOUBI, ...

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Open Courses

Since 2003 ‘la Compagnie Hervé KOUBI’ a put in place a full program for professional dancers. Morning courses proposed by dancers and …

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A l’heure du thé (Tea time)

In North Africa the mint tea ceremony is a privileged moment which honours any guest invited to partake. It is a moment of exchange, of discussion. It is a time consecrated to the guest.
The collaboration that started in 2009 with the dancers originating from Algeria has been the source of the encounters that the company would like to put in place around the pieces ‘El Din’ or ‘Ce que je jour doit à la nuit’.
Taking place in spaces inhabitually used for shows or for a public who are unable to visit theatres, these ‘Heure du Thé’ are like a collection of oriental perfumes which allow the opportunity to see the creation from another perspective, another view on the choreographic oeuvre and the troupe that constructed it.
A rendez-vous…at ‘tea time’.

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